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The major market for higher education providers is students. Students can be broken down into four age groups: people aged 17 years and under, people aged 18 to 24 years, people aged 25 to 44 years and people aged 45 years and over for Online Accountancy Exam Help.

People Aged 17 Years and Under
Individuals aged 17 years and under are typically high school students. This group only accounts for 9.3% of the industry, as the majority of school-students participate in face-to-face classroom learning. Online education is generally used by school students in remote and rural areas, since they may not have access to physical school facilities in Online Accountancy Exam Help. However, the implementation of the government’s Digital Education Revolution program in late 2009 is expected to lead to the development of online and interactive education and training for school students. It is likely that this will result in greater use of online learning from this age group over the next five years.

People Aged 18 to 24 Years
Students in this age group are typically recent high school graduates and account for 18.0% of the industry. School leavers generally prefer the social interaction that comes with on-campus study and may struggle with the isolation of online learning. As such, online undergraduate studies will typically have much lower retention rates than postgraduate courses in Accountancy Online Exam Help. This trend has remained relatively unchanged over the past five years, with the majority of demand from this age group.

People Aged 25 to 44 Years
People aged 25 to 44 years represent the largest market to the industry, contributing 42.8% to revenue. This age group will typically be in full-time employment and are therefore attracted to the flexible format of online learning, which can be managed around work and family commitments. Many industry providers identify this group as part-time learners who are seeking a career change or progression through up-skilling. The commitment to lifelong learning has supported growth from this market for industry services Accountancy Exam Help.

People Aged 45 Years and Over
This age group accounts for 29.9% of the industry and the majority of students in this market are completing online courses to enhance their skills and employability. A large proportion of people aged 45 years and over will already have well-established careers as well as family commitments. Therefore, the flexibility of online learning has made it easy for students to complete courses part-time Accountancy Online Exam Help. Demand from this market has gradually increased over the past five years, as individuals have realised the benefits of online education.

Employer-sponsored enrolments are also a market for providers to consider. A number of industry operators have begun to provide services catering to corporate training, and offer customizable programs. These are typically professional development, management and IT courses. Online education is typically a less expensive training option to companies, which has proved popular. This market is expanding, as online education gains greater recognition and acceptance, and because it offers the kind of flexibility of delivery that employers find valuable Accountancy Exam Help.

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