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Online education removes physical boundaries to service provision, which means that courses can be taken from anywhere in the world. This opens the industry up to international trade; however, technical practicalities and student preferences will mean that the level of trade is negligible. Consequently, we believe that industry exports and imports will each represent less than 1.0% of industry revenue.

Providers such as us offer courses to students residing anywhere across world, and the revenue from these services is classified as an export. However, overseas markets are limited by the infrastructure existing in the destination country. Furthermore, many of Accounts Online Exam Help important source markets of international students have developed their own higher education institutions and against this competition, online courses enrolments are likely to be few.

Fees paid by a student enrolled in a foreign institution are considered an import. There are a number of established online education providers outside Australia. However, most operate using the distance-learning model, instead of an interactive strategy. Massive Open Online Courses are a growing threat to local universities. Although a serious competitor has yet to emerge, the situation could change swiftly once a university starts accrediting its Online Accounts Exam Help.

The one exception to the rule could be online tutoring services. A number of companies located in India now offer online tutoring services to students in the United States. We offer on demand tutoring services via the internet, and claim to have served 500,000 students in 29 countries in the past three years. Global tutoring services could expand to the market as well.

The geographic spread of the industry corresponds with the location of students who are enrolled in online courses. Students can participate in online education courses from anywhere Accounts Online Exam Help, given that they have access to a computer with an internet connection. Online learning essentially removes geographical limits to service provision.

The geographic segmentation of the industry is based on population distribution and the proportion of households with internet access. Online education provided to students in Accounts Online Exam Help 33.6% of industry revenue, which is closely aligned to the state’s share of the total population. Accounts Online Exam Help and Online Accounts Exam Help account for 25.4% and 19.5% of revenue respectively, and online course enrolments are highly correlated with population distribution in these states.

Although students living in remote areas are an obvious market for online education, poor broadband access in some areas has limited the take up of online education and resulted in a continuation in traditional forms of distance education. However, the roll out of the National Broadband Network is expected to support increased uptake of online education services by people living in regional and rural parts of Australia in the next five years. Currently, about 73.8% of students enrolled in online courses are located in major cities, while the remaining 26.2% are living in regional and remote areas.

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