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Cancellation and Refund Policy | 24x7 Assignment Solution

Cancellation and Refund Policy

At, we always strive to present you with the best assignment papers that can in turn help you with your career prospects. If however, you are still unsatisfied with any of the papers that we complete for you, you can cancel your services with us at any time and ask for your money back. Our money back and refund policy allows us to protect the interests of all the involved parties, i.e. the client, the writer and the company. In case you feel that your assignment-related conditions are not met, you can avail the benefits of this cancellation and refund policy. Here in this section we present you with all the guidelines associated with this policy.

Remember that all refunded assignments are going to be uploaded on our online site as free resources. First carefully go through all the parts of the cancellation and refund policy and then if you require any clarification regarding any part of it, do not hesitate to get back in touch with us.

Salient features of our services

All the payments that we receive for our services are going to be considered as final. Any refund is subjected to the approval of the authorities of, and can be accepted only on the production of substantial proof.

  • If we erroneously double charge your credit or debit card, then you are entitled to receive a full refund from us.
  • At, we present all of our clients with the best revision services that are meant to deliver optimum quality of papers at all times. So if you are in need of any changes in your assignments, you can avail our 100% free revision services that can bring you complete satisfaction as a customer.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be made within the first two hours of making the payments. Any cancellation request made after that will not be approved or processed. However, if you have placed your order within the category of Same Day Delivery assignments, then you won’t be entitled to any cancellation requests. This means that you cannot even cancel an order even within the first 2 hours of making your payments if you have asked for a Same Day Delivery project.

Finally, the team of will have the final say when it comes to all kinds of cancellation requests. Without the authorization and approval of team, no order can be deemed as cancelled.

Refund Policy

At, refunds are approved without any kind of discrepancies only in case of two absolute situations:

  • The client did not receive the services that he/she was supposed to.
  • The client did not receive the services within the previously prescribed due date.

As a professional online assignment writing firm, we always focus on being punctual when it comes to delivering the projects our clients assign us with. However, if any order placed by our client is not delivered by us within prescribed due date then the client can notify us to stop processing the order and we will refund the whole amount without any further assessment.

On the other hand, if a project is not delivered by us within prescribed due date and the client still fails to get in touch with us and ask us to stop working on it, then no request for refunds will be entertained. This will send a message to our working team that we are to follow through the project and that the client is okay with the delayed delivery. Our team will then continue working on the project to ensure completion of order as usual.

Revision follow-ups

If a revision request is placed, then it should be done so within the due date already prescribed for the purpose of revision. In case the due date exceeds, then a client is not entitled to receive any refund from our end. This is so because it is basically a revision follow-up from the client’s end and the modifications have been recommended by the client himself or herself. All revisions can be carried out within the first 14 days from the initial delivery of the assignment. Once this 14-day period is over, the team at is not liable to carry out any revisions free of charge and additional compensations will be charged for such services.

Terms and Conditions

Any request placed for a refund cannot be processed with appropriate reasons and proofs. A client is required to provide us with viable evidence which shows that the work we came up with was not up to the mark and failed to meet the requirements as elucidated by our client. Moreover, refunds can also not be approved in case a client changes his or her original requirements that are mentioned during the time of payment. Altering the requirements will automatically deny the client any possibility for refunds.

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